Polykemi ApS celebrated 20 years

Nachrichten,10 Januar, 2022

Polykemi ApS in Denmark has had satisfied customers for over 20 years. This means that Polykemi’s Danish subsidiary has reached a fine milestone.

“It has been a fantastic journey, where Polykemi has gone from being a small player to today being an obvious name in the Danish plastics industry,” says Viggo R Frederiksen.

Viggo has worked as a sales representative at the company since its inception in 2001 and together with Ole Tietze, who has a combined role as a sales representative and as technical customer support, has laid the foundation for Polykemi ApS‘ growth in Denmark.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish Polykemi AB with production and headquarters in Ystad. It is part of the Polykemi Group, which can be found on three continents and produces the same customized plastic compounds of the highest quality, based on both new plastic raw materials and high quality recycled raw materials, in all factories.

“Polykemi had an agent in Denmark until 2001, then we started up properly and since 2011 we have managed the entire customer flow in Denmark. Given the short distance to Ystad, where we have both warehouse, production and headquarters, we have always been able to offer our customers a very personal cooperation,” explains Viggo R Frederiksen.

“We like to invite our customers to Ystad, which means that they also have a close working relationship with the production. Thanks to the proximity to our head office, we can easily assist the Danish market with advanced technical customer support,” says Ole Tietze.

The possibility to combine different materials

The family business Polykemi AB was founded in 1968, and throughout this period the company has maintained close contact with plastic customers on the Danish side of Oresund. As the Polykemi group has grown, so has the product catalogue.


Viggo R Frederiksen and Ole Tietze in the head production site in Ystad.

“During the last six years, we have seen an explosion of interest in recycled plastic raw materials. With Polykemi Group behind us, we can offer recycled materials with the right properties and a lower carbon footprint. At the same time, it is also possible to reduce purchasing costs,“ says Ole Tietze.

Whether a customer is in Denmark or Sweden, Polykemi can offer the same high quality plastic materials, technical expertise and flexibility, as well as support its customers in their choice of materials, thanks to the long experience and in-depth knowledge.

“At the moment, we are seeing a lot of interest in our carbon footprint calculations and the savings that can be made by switching from virgin to recycled plastics, or by switching from one type of virgin material to another,“ says Viggo.

“It is a great advantage for the customer that we produce both virgin and recycled plastic materials within the group, it gives our customers the possibility to combine different materials. We can optimize the material for properties, sustainability and at the same time reduce costs,“ says Ole Tietze.

Pride from the parent company

The parent company on in Sweden is enthusiastic that the investment in the Danish market has borne fruit. Ola Hugoson, CEO and part of the owner family, concludes:

“For us in former East Denmark, it is with pride, joy and satisfaction that we can state that the ‘ugly duckling’ has become a really beautiful and successful swan.”

“Denmark is our closest ‘foreign home market’. We look forward to a continued good cooperation with our Danish customers and wish Viggo and Ole continued success in developing the market.”

Polykemi Group currently has manufacturing units in Sweden and in China. By the end of 2022, the company will start its own manufacturing in North Carolina, USA and will also open another manufacturing unit in China. This will enable companies with production spread across several continents to get exactly the same high-quality overall concept, regardless of whether they have their production in Asia, the US or Europe.