Polykemis ist bestrebt, professionelle Partner zu haben, mit denen wir langfristig und in Kontinuität zusammenarbeiten. Dies spiegelt die Wahl unserer der Agenten.

Kontaktinformationen für alle unsere Agenten finden Sie unter dem Link zu den Ländern und in Unseren Märkte.


A family-owned and managed company is in the fourth generation as an international distributor of chemical raw materials. As a link between manufacturers and processors, with personal engagement, specialized knowledge, and great transparency, they create lasting value for our customers and suppliers. 

Dolder is our partner in:

→  Frankreich

→  Italien

→ Schweiz

De Monchy International is the market consultant and distributor, being the link between leading product manufacturers and industrial processors. De Monchy calling cards are: Quality: supplying high-quality products and providing both customers and suppliers valuable information about the market.

De Monchy is our partner in:

→  Belgien

→  Niederlande

→  Luxembourg


Buratec Oy is a company specializing in Plastic Compounds and raw materials, colors additives Ever since being founded 1991 the focuses are reliability, speed, flexibility and professionalism.

Buratec Oy is our partner in:

→  Finnland

Hans Claussen AS is family owned company established 1889 in Bergen. In 1914 the operation was moved to Oslo and today the company is stationed in Bærum in the Oslo area working as a distributor of plastic thermoplastics but also for raw materials, composites and glue.

In addition they also work with distribution of  machineries and equipments mainly for the plastic industry.

Hans Claussen AS is our partner in:

→  Norwegen


Plastic Agents was established with the purpose to offer close service in highest quality to the customers. That work is done in two fields:  representation and distribution. In this way Plast ic Agent can provide a service of commercial outsourcing to their partners, through extensive technical experience and knowledge within polymers with obvious good knowledge of the Iberian market.

Plastic Agents is our partner in:

→  Spanien


Kale Kimya is a family company in second generation established 1975. In addition to work with customer adapted plastic compounds, the company is focusing on being a provider of solutions for the health and personal care market. They have a global network of supplier partners, to secure the highest quality products for our customers, but they are far more than a distributor. With own production and lab facilities and in-house expertise to develop customer-specific formulations and solutions, the company is a partner committed to innovation, ensuring customers growth and success.

Kale Kimya iso ur partner in:

→  Tuerkei