Polykemi Compounds (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Polykemi in China is providing companies with High Quality customer adapted compounds to China and Southeast Asia.

Polykemi Compounds (Kunshan) Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polykemi AB. It was established in 2005 in Kunshan, located approximately 40 km West of Shanghai. 

Drawing experience from Polykemis more than 55 years in the business of helping customers with the right high quality materials, we are in a unique position in a fairly young plastics market to help customers with projects.

The Swedish way – with a Chinese touch

Our production and organization is set up with the mind of serving the fast paced and challenging market, with high quality, speed and accuracy, to help the customers reduce lead- and project time. We are often involved in projects where the international customers are making molds in China, and providing them with the same quality material for trials, as they will procure from Polykemi in Europe or the USA when the molds are brought back. For existing customers abroad, also producing their products in China, we make sure that they will receive the correct locally produced Polykemi  materials in the same high quality.

Polykemi Compounds have the same delivery programme as Polykemi AB and Polykemi Inc, which enables us to provide customers the same material on three continents, but locally produced to save time and cost.

Polykemi Compounds (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd is also responsible for the production and sales of customer adapted thermoplastic compounds to other countries in SEA, as well as for Australia and India. We are also producing the Scanfill packaging material for these markets, in order to make sure the product range has a truly world wide reach.

Polykemi in China is quality certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949, and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

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Our second factory in China is in Chongqing

The new 9,300 m2 manufacturing unit in Chongqing opened 2023 is producing and supplying plastic compounds based on both virgin and recycled plastic raw materials.

In the plant two compounding lines has been installed and they mostly produce compounds based on PP, PA6, PA66, PC and PC/ABS. Based on the mix of material types and the predicted order volumes, the expected capacity of the two machine lines is to be between 4,500 and 5,000 tonnes per year.

Chongqing is located near the populous Sichuan province in central China. It is one of the most growing regions in the country, with major universities and centers for both manufacturing and research. Also a large part of the country’s automotive industry is located there, as well as a significant part of the manufacturing industry for park, snow and garden products. An establishment in the city also opens up opportunities for further expansion towards the provincial capital of Chengdu and the south-eastern parts of China.

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