We at Polykemi AB use cookies and similar technologies (commonly called „cookies“) on our site and in our services to enhance your experience with us. We use cookies to simplify and customize our services, such as when you visit your web site. Below we explain how we use cookies and what choices you can apply to our cookie settings.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with information stored on the user’s computer or other device used for visits to our site. These are sent from our or our partners‘ web servers and stored on your device. Cookies are used to make websites work more efficiently, for example by simplifying login, but also for providing some information to the site owner about how the site is used.

Polykemi ABs definitions of different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies, ie. temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your browser or app. We use session cookies to determine which language you have selected as user.
  • Durable cookies, ie. cookies that remain on your computer until you remove them or until they expire. How long a lasting cookie is stored depends on the specific cookie’s lifetime and on your browser settings. Permanent cookies are used for example to simplify your login.
  • First-party-cookies are cookies put by us on the site you visit.
  • Third-party cookies are cookies belonging to a website other than the one you visit. Such cookies may be used by third parties to view your web history, such as statistics.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for multiple purposes. The cookies we use usually improve the services we offer you. Some of our services need cookies to work, while others simply exist to make our services smoother for you. Generally, we categorize our cookies and their use as follows:

  • Required cookies, ie. such cookies are necessary to provide our basic services, such as upon login. Our services would not work without these cookies.
  • Analog cookies that provide comprehensive analytical information regarding your use of our services. Our services would not work well without these cookies.
  • Function cookies that allow us to save settings such as language selection or whether we will fulfill your information or not. Without these types of cookies, we would not be able to tailor our services according to your wishes. These cookies are important as it is essential for our services that your experience with us should be as simple as possible.
  • Security cookies that make our services and your data safe and secure by helping us detect fraud and protect your data. Since this is an essential part of our services, these cookies are necessary.

Table of individual cookies used on Polykemi ABs website



The Company

Funcionality of the web site


Compiling statistics and behavioral data


Customized information & searches

How can you control our use of cookies?

Your browser or device will usually allow you to change the settings for the usage and scope of cookies. Go to the settings of your browser or device to learn more about adjusting the settings for cookies. For example, you can choose to block all cookies, accept only first-party cookies, or delete cookies when you close your browser.

Please note that some of our services might not work if you block or delete cookies.

Changes in our cookie policy

Polykemi AB may update this policy by publishing changes to its site. If we need your approval, we will request it especially the next time you visit the site. Date of last change is 2021-06-30.

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